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Product Review
Anker soundcore Flare

The Anker soundcore flare is a great portable and fun little Bluetooth speaker. It sounds great for a $60 speaker. I love the circular light that's reactive to the music. It just gives it a little "flare" I have been using this speaker as a chromecast audio speaker for the last month and I love that it doesn't turn off if its always plugged in. Which means, I don't have to turn it on every time I cast some music to that speaker like some other Bluetooth speaker. I would definitely take it to trips to have some music on the go. Plus its dust and water resistance so, a little splash of water won't hurt the device. You could also, pair it up with another soundcore device with the app to play stereo music and sync both of the speakers ( I have not been able to test this feature since I only have one soundcore device. So, I can not say how well or if at all it works.) The sound quality for a Bluetooth speaker is pretty great and battery life is amazing!! I mean it's anker they have gotten the battery thing figured out a while ago. Thanks Anker for sending this to test out. 

You can buy this speaker in two different colors. Black or Blue

here is a like to amazon to buy the product-

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